Consulting Services – Real Estate Consulting

“Do you ever find yourself saying “I wish I knew whom to call with this Real Estate question?”

Real estate consulting can take many forms. We can answer single, simple questions such as “Should I refinance?”, “What is the best mortgage for me?”, “Should I sell (or buy) now or wait? Are you facing foreclosure? Perhaps you are getting divorced. If so, knowing which property or properties to keep, sell or give up can be complicated. Two properties with the same market value may be worth something altogether different from each other once equity, cost basis and other factor are taken into consideration.

Don’t make uninformed decisions.

Are you a beneficiary coming into property. Maybe you are trying to make a decision on what to do about a particular property or properties. We can help you evaluate and better understand your situation, evaluate equity, looking at both the short term and long range impact including tax implications of your decisions, guiding you to favorable conclusion.

We also provide more comprehensive and thoughtful analysis to larger, more complex scenarios involving development, land planning, construction timing, and partnerships. We have over 30 years experience in all aspects of Real Estate including: appraisal, development, permitting, construction, sales, leasing and financing. Let us help guide you to a positive solution or resolution to a real estate related issue.

Atlantic Appraisal and Consulting  is dedicated to providing you with the highest degree of service.  You will find our fee structure to be flexible, efficient and accommodating. While most of our consulting is on an hourly basis, single questions can be handled in 15 minute increments via telephone conference.

Learn why our appreciative clients value our consistently superior advice.

Business Valuations
Atlantic Appraisal provides business valuations on all small retail businesses including: restaurants, bars, liquor stores, taverns, laundromats, convenience stores, retails shops, manufacturing, distribution as well as service businesses, professional practices, internet businesses and specialty businesses.

There are a number of report formats available, depending on the purpose of the valuation from simple letters to full narrative reports suitable for financing or probate.
If you are contemplating buying a business, we can provide you with a pre-purchase analysis, helping you to evaluate a business and if desired, structure an offer, so that you can feel confident before you proceed.

We recommend this same service to sellers. Get an unbiased opinion before you set your price or decide to sell. It pays to be informed and objective. A prudent and thoughtful decision on buying or selling should no be clouded by emotions. Get the facts.

Small Business Consulting
We offer affordable consulting to small businesses helping you to achieve greater success and profitability. If you business is break even, running at a loss or marginally profitable, we can evaluate and optimize your cash flow, helping you understand your income and expenses,  help develop a turnaround strategy, or in some cases suggest other alternatives.

You have a great product or service, you have built a website, spent a fortune on SEO, done your advertising, yet somehow something is missing.  If you are not as successful as you believe you should be, let us help you evaluate your overall business from the “businesses” side.  In addition, we can help you create a plan for succession or develop an exit strategy.  It is remarkable how many successful business owners, after building a successful enterprise, fail to consider the future beyond their own involvement.

Home based Business Consulting
Home based businesses are exploding in popularity.  Many of the newest business formed over the past few years have been single person or 1-5 person home based businesses.  If you own or operate a small home based business, let us help you realize your full potential.  From a simple business plan to understanding and managing cash flow to tax strategies, we can help.

Small business consulting is flexible and affordable.  You pay only for the time you need, hourly or per project. Similar to our real estate consulting, we offer telephone conferences in 15-minute increments for single questions or smaller issues.

Learn why our appreciative clients value our consistently superior advice.